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Why We Love Control4 for Smart Home Automation

4 Perks of Using Their Technology in Lancaster, PA, Smart Homes

Why We Love Control4 for Smart Home Automation

EdgeUP Technology is proud to be a trusted Control4 Certified dealer serving Lancaster and surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to crafting your home into the most convenient, user-friendly and beautiful space that it can be.

We have found many notable smart home automation systems to choose from. Though we’re not exclusive to Control4 (we install URC and Lutron, too), we'll explain today why it’s our integrated home tool of choice, plus four enticing reasons to include it in your next home project.

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Ultimate Ease of Use

As soon as you interact with Control4’s new Smart Home OS 3, you’ll understand their dedication to user experience. You can instantly slide through rooms and devices, add most-used spaces or controls to your “Favorites” and control your whole-home AV in seconds.

Their control fits your needs, too. If you prefer the traditional feel of a remote, Control4’s new Neeo features both a large touchscreen and tactile buttons. We can also implement touchpads throughout your home and integrate voice control features into the mix. Voice control offers not only top convenience, but also works as an assistive technology for mobility-challenged guests and family.

Limitless Access

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” should never apply to your home. Now that the holidays are coming up, you might be gone for a week or two. Eliminate your fears by relying on a trusted security and surveillance system that connects to your Control4 automation.

Stay in touch with your home through notifications: Control4 will alert you whenever someone opens a door (even with an access code), approaches your home, rings your doorbell and any other custom alert setting you choose.

Sometimes, observing happenings around your house isn’t enough. Video doorbell tools like Intercom Anywhere let you interact with anyone who rings. Someone trying to steal a package or harm your property? React as quickly as though you’re inside by sounding the alarm or flashing a light.

Entertainment Options

Music lovers everywhere praise Control4’s new operating system. First, they get MQL audio and lossless playback from virtually any streaming station they choose. Also, you can manage songs playing throughout your home, skip tracks, control volume and more. Movie buffs can see what’s playing on multiple screens, pause entertainment and resume it elsewhere, even outside. We can display Control4’s interface on any TV screen. You never have to leave the sofa to adjust lighting or HVAC, check intercom calls and more.

Innovative Approach

Control4 constantly reenergizes its product line with improvements to automation, AV control, lighting, security and virtually any connected technology you can imagine. We consider ourselves to be movers and shakers in our industry and we prefer a smart home automation company that can grow alongside us.

Just this past year, Control4 released more than 1,000 new features with their Smart Home OS 3 and soon after, the Neeo remote, to control the operating system. Other recent changes include “When >>Then” personalization features, its “Intercom Anywhere” system and more. Control4 proves that it’s listening to real users and following the industry’s pulse by constantly providing us with well-engineered technology that solves real smart home user needs.

Explore the Difference Firsthand

Control4 offers plenty for those first exploring smart home automation opportunities as well as seasoned users. While reading about Control4 is educational and fun, it doesn’t compare to seeing it yourself.

Ready for a hassle-free consultation from EdgeUP Technology? Call us at (717) 392-9292 or visit our contact page, and we’ll show you how to customize your Control4 system with unique features you’ll enjoy for years.



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