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The First Course Isn’t Eaten, It’s Heard.

The First Course Isn’t Eaten, It’s Heard.

Music strongly influences our perception of food and wine, and presenting music in a palatable way is crucial in a restaurant. Not only can it invoke specific feelings, it can make the difference between customers who linger for another glass of wine, and customers who can’t wait to leave. Assure your restaurant sound system makes the experience enjoyable for everyone from the staff to the customers. Here’s some tips on how to attain just the right ambiance.

Don’t Go Halvsies

In most restaurant audio installations, the most obvious issue is sound distribution. Relying on a single Sonos speaker for your playlist means blasting it to fill the entire space. Doing this results in an uneven sound - with some diners stuck in overwhelmingly loud spots while others can't hear at all.

Volume control is easy as pie if you place a variety of in-ceiling, in-wall or pendant speakers throughout the space. We recommend using commercial omnidirectional speakers, so it's difficult for customers to determine exactly where the sound is coming from, which means no matter how high or low the volume, these speakers accurately reproduce tracks with no added distortions. Tile speakers can be painted to the exact shade of the drop ceiling, making them virtually invisible.  Also, the patron can hear his dinner guest, without overhearing what’s happening in the kitchen. In this type of system, you can keep speakers at a stabilized volume and cover the entire space.  

Zone Out

Divide your restaurant sound system into specific audio zones. As far as placement, needs will vary, but the strategy of dividing the space into zones – bar, dining room, reception area – will give you control over volume and playlists.

Consider offering different styles of music throughout the space. The dining area could have ambient background music, while the bar is more upbeat. The host stand could be more subtle music for better communication and an easy transition. For the most part, though, define audio zones to have better control over adjusting the volume. The outdoor patio, bathrooms, dining room and bar will all have different volume and even type of music requirements.

On Tap

We like to use a high-quality audio 70-volt amplifier in your restaurant. These distribution amplifiers use low voltage to get the signal to each speaker. EdgeUP Technology can link an almost unlimited amount of speakers around the room, from one amp. They are compatible with most control systems, so you can manage your speakers from the same interface you use to control lights, locks, and other entertainment features.

Create the Mood

Establish your brand identity through sound that fits your space. How can music set the mood and enhance your look? Reggae is appropriate for a Caribbean spot, but maybe not an Italian bistro. You can quickly pull up the perfect soundtrack from (business-approved) streaming services or digital libraries using a smartphone or dedicated touchpad.

TVs and music can turn on and off automatically based on your open and close schedule, which will keep employees hands from having to handle the system. 

Food for Thought

SiriusXM Music for Business, Pandora for Business, and SoundMachine are all approved-for-business streaming services that are fully licensed and commercial free. When BMI or ASCAP come knocking (and the fines can be steep) you’ll rest assured that you’re covered legally for playing music in your commercial space.

If you want to hear more about our restaurant sound system solutions, call us at (717) 490-1777 or reach out to one of our chat representatives on the bottom right of the screen.



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