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New Construction – Prewire! Prewire! Prewire!

Follow These Four Tips to Get More Out of Your Home AV & Control Solutions

New Construction – Prewire! Prewire! Prewire!

Many Americans dream of building their home from the ground up. It is an opportunity to create and customize the ultimate haven for yourself the people you love. There are many things to consider when building a dream home, from the style of doorknobs to the overall room layouts. No wonder important things sometimes fall through the cracks!

There can be additional costs and delays when building your dream home because technology needs were overlooked. Our expert technicians will make sure your home audio video, automated lighting, control systems, and networks are being installed at the appropriate stage of construction.

As the common saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." With the right planning and wiring framework, you'll reduce costs and ensure more reliable performance from all of your Technology.

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Bring Your Technology into the Mix Early

Very few people realize how early they should bring in smart home technology experts into the mix. Consider EdgeUP Technology as much a part of the team as your builder, architect, and designer. We build relationships with other subcontractors early, and we’ll work with them to determine the optimal placement for all of your devices. There will also be less need for design changes or tearing down of walls if we all coordinate work from the start.

Add Wiring Foundations to All Your Rooms

Home audio & video, networking, and control systems require a considerable amount of wiring up front. Just because devices are “wireless” does NOT mean you can skip running wires! Individual rooms require wiring for speakers, data runs, WAPS, smart window treatments, and touchpads. If we plan appropriately, we can coordinate with builders and architects to ensure cabling always stays hidden discreetly within walls or ceilings.

Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Spaces

Technology isn’t just for the indoors. Running wires via conduit to the outdoors makes installing future speakers or wireless access points is just as important, and it’s easier before landscaping or paving has been done. We can run wires out through conduit in unfinished basement walls much easier than after the home has been insulated, stucco’d and drywalled. That means those pool surround speakers (like Sonance’s Landscape System) much less invasive to install, even if you don’t have the funds right away to finish the patio.

Use Central Lighting to Lighten the Load

Not only does central lighting offer essential lifestyle and security benefits, but it helps to simplify the installation. Our lighting experts can install a single keypad (that takes the place of 4 or 5 light switches) that reduce wall clutter and are aesthetically pleasing. These keypads even serve multiple purposes as they can be programmed with “scenes” , allowing the adjustment of shades, audio and lighting all at once.

A dream home isn't complete without your favorite technology. With these tips, you can avoid headaches down the line and make sure your house is dance-party-during-the-move ready. To learn more about our audio/video, control, and lighting services, call us at (717) 490-1777, fill out our online contact form or chat with us at the bottom right of your screen.




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