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Give Your Entertainment Space a Breath of Fresh Air

Create Another Room In Your Home Using Lighting and Technology

Give Your Entertainment Space a Breath of Fresh Air

Winter is behind us, and warm weather is a few weeks away.  Expand your home by using technology to create a beautiful, comfortable, and connected outdoor living space! Speakers visually blend into flowerbeds, weather-resistant televisions weather fluctuating temperatures and glare, and creative hardscape and landscape lighting sets any mood you like.

Here are some solutions to completely transform your outdoor spaces. Soon you’ll have a perfect environment to watch movies under the stars or host a BBQ when football season kicks off!

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Immersive Sound

Outdoor music is a popular request when it comes to entertainment. Blanket the yard with Sonance’s Landscape speakers, or add Mariner speakers on your patio to create a surround sound. Both types of speakers are designed to withstand weather and debris, and their omnidirectional signal lets them easily fill an ample space. The most important part is that you won’t disrupt the neighbors, as the shape of the speakers let you enjoy music or movies at your preferred volume by funneling sound where it needs to go.

Anti-Glare Televisions

What’s the point of a 4K TV if you can’t see it in the daylight?  If you’re going to watch TV outside, select a TV that is able to handle glare and the elements.   SunbriteTV is a go-to partner when it comes to outdoor televisions. Each receiver offers full 4K HDR video resolution and a durable aluminum case that protects it from rain, debris, and extreme temperatures. Assess where the television will be placed to and how much sunlight it will get.  Need a television that works in direct sunlight? Then the Pro model is ideal. Go with the Veranda or Signature ones for shaded and partially shaded environments respectively.

Hardscape & Landscape LED Lighting

The real magic happens when the sun sets. Incorporate sculptural pathway light fixtures that turn on automatically at dusk, or wall-washers that gradually illuminate your architecture. Imagine landscape accent lights that are mounted high in trees and point downward, creating a beautiful moonlighting effect.  What about strip lighting around the outdoor bar that can be sync’d to the outdoor music.  What color lights do you prefer?  We offer all the whites from pure to cool to warm, plus red to violet and every color in between.  Lights that are automated through a control system can be changed remotely even if you’re on vacation.  Well done and automated lighting design will make your outdoor spaces more safe, fun and beautiful.

Intuitive Control

Often the most significant challenge when it comes to outdoor home theater systems is getting access to the content you want. A EdgeUP Technology technician can relay the signal from your Blu-ray player, or favorite streaming services to your outdoor speakers and televisions. Then manage it all from the smart device of your choice or a handheld remote. Don’t forget to increase the wifi coverage across the entire backyard with an outdoor wireless access point. With automation and control of lights, audio, and video you can create the ideal environment for any occasion.

Are you ready to create the ultimate entertainment space in your outdoor living areas? Call us at (717) 490-1777 or chat with us below to find out how our smart Technology can help.



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