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Get Your Sports Bar Ready for Gameday With These Commercial Technology

Tailgate in the taproom with 4K displays, distributed AV, and lighting control

Get Your Sports Bar Ready for Gameday With These Commercial Technology

It's now fall, and that means the Eagles are making their push for yet another legendary win at the Super Bowl. And if you're running a sports bar or taproom in the Lancaster, PA area, it’s essential to deliver the commercial technology solutions that capture every play. In this blog, we'll discuss how 4K, AV distribution, and centralized lighting control can help your business score a touchdown this football season. 

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4K Displays

Video displays are the cornerstone of the sports bar experience. Visitors want to sit and watch the game -- and spend money on drinks and food while doing it! Ensuring your clientele can see the game no matter where they sit in the bar will help them enjoy the experience longer.

Flat-panel 4K displays offer the brightness, clarity, and size to satisfy most taproom customers. Viewers should be able to keep their eye on the ball from anywhere in the bar, so multiple displays, planning, and expert installation are necessary components to a successful experience. Video walls can be created with a multitude of displays which can be configured into one giant TV, or several smaller TVs to display multiple games at a time.

If space is a concern, you can also install a retractable screen and projector. Projectors offer larger formats with smaller space requirements so everyone in the taproom can see what’s happening. When it’s time for kickoff, simply tap a button on your URC Total Control touch pad and drop the motorized screen, start the projector, and enjoy the game.

And don’t worry about ambient light washing out your projector experience. There are high-contrast screen options available, which offer a clear image even in brightly lit rooms.

AV Distribution

Don’t let your 4K displays go to waste! Make sure you have an AV distribution system that delivers high-quality content to each of your TVs or projectors. Centralized distribution will simplify control of your AV components, so your employees don’t have to spend too much time finding the right content.

To get the most out of your 4K experience, every part of the distribution chain has to support it. From sources like cable boxes to cables like HDMI 2.0 to switches that allow you to shift between sources, a professional AV installation will yield stunning results. And when control is centralized with an easy-to-use Crestron system, your staff can make changes and adjustments with ease.

And don’t forget about the distributed audio. Downward-firing pendant speakers are an elegant way to get full audio coverage of your entire space without disrupting the aesthetic. Expertly calibrated to the room’s natural acoustics, and placed to eliminate hotspots, pendant speakers will become indistinguishable from pendant lighting fixtures for most visitors. That way, they can hear everything and still love the look of the space.


Lighting Control

Once the AV is installed, make the most out of your sports bar with integrated lighting control. Ambient light can cause glare and other distractions from what’s going on on-screen. Minimize these potential issues with simple, centralized lighting control.

With a single touch, your staff can dim the lights to the necessary degree. If your bar features a lot of windows, integrated shading control can also drop shades to reduce outside light and solar heat gain. Your clients can now watch the game in a comfortable, well-lit environment.

Want to create an experience that will keep customers coming back to your sports bar or taproom? Give our team a call at (717) 392-9292 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us today. We’d love to hear from you!



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