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Embrace the Power of Tunable Light

Tunable LEDs for lifestyle and wellness benefits

Embrace the Power of Tunable Light

Lighting can have a profound effect on those who live and work in a space. Besides providing the psychological effect of cooling or warming a space, the right lighting can finish the look of a room, especially when you want to transform the space on a seasonal basis. Lighting can simulate daylight or candlelight to set a mood, or match gallery lighting to the works of art on display.

How integral is natural light to good health? Lighting can even assist with behavior control and support the human circadian system. Getting the wrong type of light, or none at all throughout the day results in a circadian rhythm that’s out of whack, which can result in poor sleep cycles or depression. Especially as the days get shorter and darker in Pennsylvania during the winter months, you need the right tools to regulate your circadian rhythm.

No matter the reason, managing and automating the light in your home through tunable LEDs can have a wide range of benefits.


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What is Tunable Light

Tunable white lighting technology is defined as the ability to control a light source's ‘color temperature output’, which is a fancy way of saying warm or cool light. It is also referred to as variable white, dim to white, hybrid white, tunable white, Kelvin changing or custom temperature lighting depending on the manufacturer.

Some white-tunable products have two sets of controllable LEDs: one with a warm-white color (usually around 2700K) and the second with a cool-white color (usually 5000K to 6500K). This translates to a light that can actually change and mimic the quality of light emitted from the sun. Throughout the day you can automate the light in your room to change with time.

Resetting Your Circadian Rhythm

When it comes to your general well-being, your body uses a biological process based on natural light exposure to regulate itself. This blue light associated with sunrise and morning invites your mind to be more active. The red and orange hues of the sunset tell your body to wind down. Light lets your body know when it should be active and when it should rest.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things in our modern day of living that throw off the rhythm, especially if you are someone who sits in an office. On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors, so we’re often not getting the exposure to natural light we need. Tunable light can be automated to mimic what happens outside, leading to healthier lifestyles both at the workplace and at home.

Lighting Lends a Helping Hand

Control4’s lighting control systems allow you to adjust color temperature to mimic the effects of natural light. Schedule these changes to happen automatically throughout the day. Your system can also dim the lights when shades open, to let in natural light instead.

Smart lighting and shading are just some examples of the ways home automation enhances your general well-being. To learn more, reach out to one of our specialists by calling EdgeUP at (717) 490-1777, filling out our online contact form or chatting with a live representative below.



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