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Can Your Restaurant Attract the March Madness Crowds?

Sports Fans Can Play a Big Role in Your Business Success

Can Your Restaurant Attract the March Madness Crowds?

Few sporting events drive more traffic to restaurants than college basketball's March Madness tournament. Even though major MMA or boxing fights, the Super Bowl, and NBA finals can also attract bigger crowds, the March Madness tournament's long run leads to the most significant profits. It often drives customers to your business on quiet weekdays and during low-traffic early afternoon hours.

Going to a restaurant to watch the games is a big part of the fan experience, with 20 percent of viewers saying they plan on going to bars or restaurants during the tournament. Often deciding where they go has nothing to do with the food, but rather the experience the restaurant provides. New commercial Technology can help you bring in a lot of that traffic come March.

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For those that go to bars or restaurants, 25 percent choose their destination based on the TV selection. During the early parts of the tournament, especially, having multiple screens is one of the main draws since it's much better than sitting at home and continually flipping the channel to follow all the games.  

Attracting new customers is as easy as having enough televisions to show all the games and the right cable package to get all the channels (usually TBS, CBS, TNT, and TruTV).

Drop-down screens are an excellent option for marquee games. For those games, play the audio through your restaurant sound system so everyone can easily follow the action. There should be an easy way to manage your content to switch games on quickly and change dramatic finishes over to the big screen.


While fans are watching the games, you want to make sure they’re consuming as much food and as many drinks as possible. A recent poll found that 78 percent of sports fans drink alcohol when watching games. Specials, particularly on domestic beer, are a great way to tap into those profits. Expand your specials to easy-to-eat foods that are popular during games including pizza, wings, and mozzarella sticks. Consider additional discounts if diners guess the final score. These will encourage fans to stay until the end, even if it turns out to be a blowout. 


Video displays also serve as digital signage to promote sweepstakes throughout the tournament. Encourage repeat customers with a bracket challenge and showcase the updated brackets and top rankings. Not only will customers come back to check their standings, but they’re likely to watch more games since they’re invested in all the results. Offer both physical prizes (like shirts or mugs) and food and drink discounts. When winners use those prizes down the line, it’s free advertising for you.
Do you want to prepare your restaurant for March Madness and the exciting sports season up ahead? Set up a one-on-one consultation with us by calling (717) 490-1777 or chatting with us on the bottom right.




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