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Boost Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel with the Right Tech

Combine Technology and Design for a Stylish, Practical Solution

Boost Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel with the Right Tech

Bath and kitchen remodels are two popular areas for home improvement. Typically, these remodels were focused on design by enhancing the layout or increasing space.  Recently, interior designers and homeowners have begun to realize technology plays a significant role in increasing the usability of the space.

If you’re considering a remodel, check out the latest bath and design trends. Then, take a look at our smart home automation solutions to see how technology will transform your space.  Below are just a few examples of how to merge design and technology in your next project.

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Efficient Space 

EdgeUP offers smart home automation solutions to reduce clutter. If you enjoy listening to music during your morning routine, for example, add in-ceiling speakers in the master bathroom that don’t take up any space on the vanity. Replace wall switches with slim keypads that manage lights, shades, and entertainment, reducing the need for multiple remotes or keypads. Séura offers a smart mirror that will transform the bathroom vanity into a personalized digital hub, enabling you to be more efficient and effective every single day. Waterproof, fog-proof TVs brings entertainment to a place you don’t expect, as they can be installed inside a shower.

Embrace the Multi-Purpose Kitchen

The kitchen is often a central hub, used for more than prepping meals. It’s the first place friends congregate when they come to visit. It’s where the family shares breakfast and coffee in the morning.  

Instead of remodeling to increase the size of the kitchen, think outside the box and make the space you have more efficient.  Motorized lifts not only hide seldom-used utensils and appliances, but they can also reveal small televisions to drop down from the ceiling or up from a cabinet. SéuraHydra Indoor Waterproof TVs are uniquely designed to sit within the walls of the home, so you can enjoy the TV without compromising the surface space. 

 Smart lighting control plays a huge role in these designs. From a keypad, pull up warm tones when hosting friends and cooler, brighter light when prepping dinner. Under-counter or cabinet strip LED lighting sets the mood, and lasts so long you won’t have to keep extra bulbs on hand. 

Add Your Own Hands-Off Assistant

One unprompted request in many of these remodels is the idea of a smart assistant. The bathroom and kitchen are great places to have hands-free control! Whether you are applying your makeup, hands-deep in a mixing bowl or washing dishes, it’s great to have the use of voice commands.

Integrate Amazon Alexa with a smart home automation system to manage all your technology without lifting a finger. “Alexa, adjust the thermostat to 70°”, “Alexa, turn on kitchen lights”, or “Alexa, play Bruno Mars”. Also, by linking Alexa with Control4, you can activate specific scenes. For example, ask Alexa to activate a ‘Shower’ scene that turns on the lights, closes the shades, and plays your favorite podcast.

From stylish, easy-to-use lighting to discreet AV installations there are a lot of other ways to merge technology and design during your next bath or kitchen remodel. To learn more about adding our smart home automation solutions to your next project, call us at (717) 490-1777 or fill out our contact form.



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