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4 Powerful Tips for Moving Your AV Equipment Stress-Free

How to Make a Seamless Transition to Your New Home

4 Powerful Tips for Moving Your AV Equipment Stress-Free

Moving is one of life's most stressful events. It's expensive, time-consuming, emotionally exhausting, and in the meantime, you can’t find the  can opener. Add the high-tech gadgets we rely on to live, and we have even more headaches to deal with. If you live near Lancaster, PA and are looking for some peace of mind, follow these tips for a successful AV installation in your new home.


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First, power down equipment before unplugging the power cord. You may not remember where all your wires and cables plug back into, so label everything to be safe.  Cables are delicate, especially around the connectors (ends), so be careful when removing and packing them. There will most likely be cables you cannot remove; if they do not come off easily do not force it.



Your equipment is expensive and sensitive. Projection screens, for example, need to be handled with great care and caution. The slightest bang, drop, or shake could mean having to get a replacement. When packing or storing your equipment for long periods of time, keep it away from moisture. Humidity--not temperature--could cause the most damage to your equipment.


If you took the time to label and document everything connected before you started packing up, this should be easier. A professional can help you keep wires hidden behind walls to prevent accidents or disconnecting. They will also have proper test equipment to make sure everything is working to avoid component failure. Every component should be thoroughly tested before turning on the system to avoid major problems and potential equipment damage.


Hire A Professional (That’d be us)

Home automation systems such as Control4 are proprietary and require trained technicians to program and install them. It’s great if you have basic knowledge of how your AV installation is set up, but you won’t be able to DIY it, which is why you need a professional. Not only will your equipment be connected and set up correctly, but you'll also have peace of mind knowing there's one less thing to worry about during this chaotic time. 

For a quick overview of what you need to know when moving in or out of a smart home, we've created these lists for you: 

Moving Out of a Smart Home?

  • Which equipment are you taking with you vs. leaving on site? If you do take equipment, make sure you take necessary power cords and cables, and let he new homeowner know what equipment they may have to purchase. 
  • Let EdgeUP know you are moving so we can give the new homeowner an inventory of what is there and make it a smooth transition. 
  • Allow us to remove all personal info from the system, un-register any user names and certify disconnection for your own personal safety. 
  • Consider purchasing credit through EdgeUP as a housewarming gift for the new homeowner. 

Moving Into a Smart Home?

  • Home automation systems can be expensive! Assess your system and make sure you know the value of what you own. 
  • For TVs – determine that you have space and enough electrical outlets wherever you plan to place your equipment. If you are organized and have a general idea of where things are going, you can sit down after a hard day of moving and at least have the TV ready to go.
  • For internet, TV and phone--Call Comcast to set up your installation, preferably when we'll also be there to ensure a smooth installation. 
  • Provide passwords, codes, and usernames as necessary.
  • We’ll need a few hours to perform firmware and software updates, register the system to you, and remove all previous owner connectivity. 

Are you preparing for a big move? Reach out to EdgeUP so we can help you get your installation just right. Set up an appointment by calling us at (717) 490 1777, filling out our online contact form, or by chatting with a live representative on the bottom right.




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