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3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Makes Your Life Simpler, More Fun

Expand your library, get more from your audio system and make listening to music anywhere in your home easier than ever

3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Makes Your Life Simpler, More Fun

Ever feel like your sound system is getting in the way of listening to your music? If you have subpar equipment, are relying on wireless devices or only have quality devices in one room, your listening options may be limited and less than optimal.

This is where home automation and whole-home audio comes into play. With the right gear and installation, you can enjoy high-quality sound in any room and control everything from one easy-to-use device. If you’ve ever been curious about setting up multi-room audio in your home, read on to learn more.

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Choosing and controlling multiple audio sources in your home isn’t very convenient, and doing so often means you’re switching between different remotes. Multi-room audio eliminates this issue by streamlining all your audio sources and giving you universal control from one device.

A multi-room audio setup means you’re no longer bound to one room to listen to your music. You may have your central receiver in your media room, home theater, or hidden from view in unused closet, but we can connect speakers hidden in your walls or ceiling to that receiver from anywhere. This means your music can seamlessly follow you from room to room.

If your multi-room audio system is designed for multiple zones, you can listen to different things in different spaces much more easily. Instead of you and your family fighting for the remote, you can make everyone happy by streaming different audio sources in those different zones.


Have you grown tired of listening to songs or albums over and over? Multi-room audio systems give you a much broader library to sift through with the integration of streaming music services. Services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music give you a nearly endless catalog to listen to, and you control those services from the same device as everything else.

Maybe you have the opposite problem and your album collection has been gathering streaming music is much more convenient. A multi-room audio installation can give new life to your collection since your speakers no longer need to be in the same room as your equipment. While streaming services have many songs, they don’t have everything, and multi-room audio makes it much simpler to enjoy forgotten gems from your library.


Combining your home’s automation systems into a cohesive whole dramatically increases what your devices are capable of.

One example of this is linking your audio system to your home security system. Let’s say you’re in your kitchen, bedroom or some other area far away from your front door while your music is playing. If someone knocks at your door, you can pause your music, use your doorbell camera to see who’s at the door and unlock it remotely from one device in seconds. If these systems aren’t linked, it will be much less convenient and take much more time and effort.

Interested in seeing all the ways multi-room audio can improve how you listen to music? Call us today at (717) 392-9292. You can also fill out our contact form or give us a call at (717) 392-9292.



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