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3 Ways Motorized Shades Boost Your Home's Style

Elegant and Efficient Automation

3 Ways Motorized Shades Boost Your Home's Style

Motorized shades bring convenience, safety and efficiency to a home, and will add a wow factor when adjusting an entire room with one press of a button! In this blog, we’ll showcase ways intuitive control optimizes your shades and blinds for elegant interior design, plus reduce clutter and protect vulnerable furnishings.

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Eliminate Clutter

Get rid of awkward wands and dangerous cords by replacing manual controls with a wall keypad, smart phone, voice command, or remote. Raise and lower shades via elegant wall buttons, which can be pre-set for desired times or activities and matched to blend with the wall color.    

EdgeUP Technology offers a variety of fabrics and styles to choose from, including roller shades, Roman blinds, and vertical blinds.

Elegant sun sheers may be great for the view, but blackout shades are best for the home theatre. Alternate easily with dual shading systems that let you include multiple fabrics and choose which best suit your needs.

Manage Natural Light

The sun’s rays have both positive and negative effects on your interior décor, so control of this light is essential. In some cases, the sun's warm glow brings a pure light than even the most high-tech artificial light can mimic. Other times, it causes glare on televisions and can damage vulnerable artwork. Having an effortless way to manage the shades ensures you're only getting what you want from the sun.  Shades can be programmed to rise and fall with the sun or at a specific time of day.

Solve Difficult Window Placement

Another benefit involves hard-to-reach (think behind the tub or over a kitchen cabinet) windows. With many modern homes including floor-to-ceiling windows—some spanning multiple stories—it can be hard to find the ideal shading solution for them. These types of large shades are particularly difficult to control manually via cords or cables. Having smart control from a remote, keypad, or app allows you to add shades without having to worry about functionality on a day-to-day basis.   

Are you excited about introducing smart shading into your home or learning more? We now have options that are lithium battery operated, meaning they only need recharged once a year for a few hours.  Reach out to us by calling (717) 490-1777 or chatting with a representative on the bottom right.



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